Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Stay Warm

Last night I had a wonderful dream
...hope that it will come true
   -  the Majors
That was just a dream
   - REM ( Losing my religion)

        Here's a fun article on the history of heating.  Lots of great pictures, of " old fashioned" furniture, and " foreign looking" devices.   Living in the age of exuberance, we are generally familiar with heating air rather than heating people.  But as we move into The Age of Limits, I suspect it's something we'll be thinking about more. 

         Here's an excellent interview with David Fridley, Post Carbon fellow, and Berkley Lab scientist, on that very Age of Limits.     He paints an interesting picture of our post carbon future.   It's not exactly a " green dream"., although it may be largely powered by wind and solar.   He pops some of the usual bubbles.  Why an energy saving device ( like a Prius) probably doesn't save as much as we hope. ( if it saves money - that money goes somewhere - causing more energy wasting mischief) .    How unlikely we'll all be driving electric cars ( the problem of scale - how much lithium is there, anyway? ).   The extent to which, wind and solar are dependent on coal - and the difficulty of creating a " self replicating" fossil free energy source.   The problems of running a high energy civilization on low EROI devices.  Here's a doozy. - many stripper wells have negative EROI!  ( the pump that runs on electricity (from coal) uses more energy that the oil  that is produced. -   but it still makes sense financially, because coal is cheap)

So, get used to wearing sweaters, and drinking hot tea

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