Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Religion and Politics

A red necked nerd in a bowling shirt
was drinking a lone star beer
spouting religion and politics
for all the world to hear
   -Kinky Fieidman (They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore)


     I just listened to an interesting pod cast on Ecoshock.  concerning the interplay of religion and climate change politics.  It seems that some fossil fuel interest have linked up with evangelicals preachers and are putting out some  wild propaganda.   Here's one on the menace of environmentalism,  called "The Green Dragon"

      On the other side, is a preacher named Michael Dowd, who is interviewed on the show.  He accepts evolution, and climate change, and in fact most of what science has to offer.  But he also thinks its morally wrong to destroy the econ system!    He is working hard to raise awareness on climate change by speaking in churches along the route of the Great March For Climate Action.

Here is the interview

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