Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Energy Slavery and the new abolitionists


    We've all heard about energy slaves, and how we westerners have dozens on call 24/7.     Here is a nice interview with a canadian oil and gas journalist who takes it a step further.   What is the mentality of a slave holder?    What is the slave holder willing to ignore in order to keep slavery going?   What are the effects on cities when they are designed not for people, but for transportation slaves.   On thinking?  On creativity?     

        And what about the abolitionist?    They seem to value other things besides luxury.  What are those values?     How does a society based on slavery view them?   

       What happens when a slave based society can no longer afford the costs of slavery.   Of conquering other people.  Of conquering other lands to feed them.   

      Well worth a listen:

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