Thursday, July 25, 2013

Am I in heaven or am I in Miami?


   I just finished watching a great lecture by a fisheries biologist , Jeremy Jackson, given at the US Navel College in Newport RI.  The guy was great!  Of course he's won every medal in the book, published 150 papers and god knows how many books.  But the best part was that he was funny!   He reminded me of Christopher  Walken, kind had his sly smile,and sense of irony.  Of course the topic isn't funny, but the delivery helps. 

    check it out here

One thing he said was very telling.  He said he was rooting for the fish and the oysters, but he recognized that nobody else really cared.  But he could see that maybe tgere was a chance is people realized that by burning more carbon, humans would be hurting themselves, maybe then something would be done about climate change.   Then he showed the maps of sea level rises.  The maps of New York,  New Orleans and Miami.

  Rolling Stone has a new article on Why Miami Is Doomed.      Perhaps after people read it, they'll decide to save the humans, and the fish too!

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