Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finally! A movie about overshoot, that's... funny!

Greetings Peaksters

        Anyone seen "How To Boil A Frog?"      Sort of Monty Python meets Al Gore.      Great stuff!

    Check it out.

I'm thinking about donating a copy to the library.  I am totally impressed.

      Not just because its funny - which I think is very important.  Because people might be willing to listen to something funny.  
       But because he doesn't sugar coat it.  He actually says stuff no one else seems to say
      Like that peak oil, climate change, dead zones and all the rest aren't the problem.  They are the symptom of the real problem  which is - Overshoot.    Too many people with appetites that are too big (and getting bigger) for the planet 
    Like that the problem will not be solved by buying more stuff - "green stuff" ; or by changing our light bulbs.    That small changes like that are totally swamped up by the rising tide of population.

   But despite getting real about the size and nature of the predicament, it wasn't depressing or fatalistic.  But kind of.... hopeful.    
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